Philips Updates the GoGear Connect to Gingerbread

The media player now has the latest Android OS and a revamped look, as well.

Remember seeing the GoGear Connect back in September, when Philips launched it at the IFA 2010. That was the first PMP to run on Android and will probably be a close competition to Samsung’s Galaxy Player. Gingerbread is not the only new bit to this PMP, there’s also some changes to the design.

Philips Updates the GoGear Connect to Gingerbread

With Gingerbread! (courtesy Cnet)


The trackpad from the previous PMP has been ditched and instead there are three designated buttons for home, back and menu. The MP4 player also has the following specifications:

  • 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen
  • Wi-Fi
  • HD Video (720p) playback support
  • 16 / 32 GB memory

The device will have access to the Android Market and in turn there seems to be a whole lot of apps available for users to download. The media player is slotted to hit the market in September, this year and the price quoted is $179.99 (approx Rs. 8,000) which looks quite attractive. Let’s wait to see the device launch. Plus, we certainly hope it doesn’t delay in hitting the Indian market.

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