Phil Spencer reveals approximate pricing of the Xbox Scorpio

Gaming in 4K is bound to be expensive, the Nvidia 1080 is one of the few graphic cards that can support 4K gaming, and it costs Rs 60,000.

There were reports since April that Microsoft was testing a number of Xbox One Upgrades. These are now known to be the Xbox One S and a secretive undertaking known as Project Scorpio. The Xbox One S skipped on a Kinect port, which raised questions about what Microsoft was thinking with such a move. Project Scorpio seems to be an attempt to make the most powerful gaming console yet, capable of rendering games in 4K resolution at 60fps.

Gaming in 4K is bound to be expensive, the Nvidia GTX 1080 is one of the few graphic cards that can support 4K gaming, and it costs Rs 60,000. This has left consumers worried about the potential price of the Scorpio console.

Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox division at Microsoft, spoke to NZgamer addressing some of these concerns. Spencer did confirm that the device would be a premium device, but not unlike the prices of previous consoles. TechTimes notes that the console with the record for the highest price so far was the PlayStation 3 with a price of $600 (roughly Rs 39,990).

Scorpio is going to offer continuity of price on the console, which means that it will be placed at a higher price point than the Xbox One S and the Playstation 4. Removing Kinect from the default bundle allowed for the price of the Xbox One S to be on the lower side. It allowed those who never play Kinect games, an option to still buy and use the console without having to shell out extra money for a controller they would never have used.

Spencer was behind this decision of removing Kinect. Other decisions taken by Spencer include making the device suitable for living room places, including supporting for Netflix and 4K Blue Ray.

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