PC Gamers Bear the Brunt of Battlefield 3

Developer DICE axe 2 PC Battlefield projects to concentrate on Battlefield 3.

The internet has been buzzing about Battlefield 3 since morning but all is not well at DICE. It seems the pressure to deliver a AAA product is so intense, they had to axe two PC Battlefield projects so all their resources can be directed toward Battlefield 3.

PC Gamers Bear the Brunt of Battlefield 3
Bombing run

First up, we have Battlefield 1943, an XBLA and PSN game that’s been avoiding the PC since mid 2009 now. A dumbed down but enjoyable Battlefield game, 1943 took place in the Pacific theater during World War II allowing players to enlist as US Marines or the Japanese Imperial Army. In fact, you can read all about it in our review here.

Next up we have the Onslaught mode for Battlefield Bad Company 2 that pits a team of players against an increasingly tougher wave of enemies. Think of it as the horde mode from Gears of War 2, only in Bad Company 2.

(On)slaughter 'em all

To pacify PC gamers DICE has gone on record multiple times to state that the PC version of Battlefield 3 will be the best. Now considering the debacle that was the Bad Company 2 PC launch, I find that hard to believe.


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