Paytm updates its app with faster money transfers, digital 'Postcards' and automatic recharges

Moreover, Paytm has introduced customised post cards where the user can send money along with a customised post card which woukd have a personalised text.

Paytm has announced a host of new features to improve the user experience for its users. The company posted the details for these new features on its website. The first feature allows Paytm users to transfer money directly through contact list. The second features is termed as 'Paytm Postcards' where users can send money along with personalised messages and Paytm will send a 'digital' 'Postcards' from the user. The company has also added 'Paytm Automatic' for an automatic recharge to replenish the depleted amount.

PayTm to allow money tranfer via contact list. Reuters.

PayTm to allow money tranfer via contact list. Reuters.

These new announcements come months after the company added the feature transfer of money using UPI infrasructure. The company has now impoved the feature so that the users can directly send money to anyone in their contact list using the Android contact list. The company announced the feature in a tweet on its official Twitter handle.

This means that the company has integrated the 'transfer money' feature on the system level to ensure that users can directly tap on any contact in their 'Call log' or phone 'Contacts' app to initiate the transfer. The 'Send Money to' option in the 'Contacts' app will redirect the user to the UPI backend by Paytm to complete the payment.

This makes the app more user friendly as it eliminates the need to go through the hassle of adding the number or scrolling through the contact list inside the Paytm app. However, this facility limited to the Android version of the app.

Moreover, it has also introduced customised 'Postcards'' where the user can send money to their friends or relatives. Paytm will send the money along with personalised text on a customised digital 'Postcards'. This freature is available for both, Android and iOS platforms.

Last but not the least, Paytm has also announed 'Paytm Automatic' where the user can specify their preferred mode of payment for 'automatic' recharges.  One thing to note here is that the new feature is limited to your talktime for your 'pre-paid' mobile connection. This means that everytime your talktime dips to zero, Paytm automatically recharges your mobile number with the same amount as the previous recharge. The company has not specified if the feature will extend beyond this particular scenario.

Recently, mobile wallet company Paytm was offering consumers the option of receiving 'digital gold' as cashback on their transactions. Here, the Paytm wallet holders could purchase 24K 999.9 purity gold online and store it in MMTC-PAMP's secure vaults free of charge.

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