Panda shaped solar farm in China starts supplying ecologically conscious electricity

Panda Green Energy Group Limited, formerly known as the United Photovoltaics Group Limited has announced that a Panda shaped solar farm near Datong, in the Shanxi province in Northern China has been connected to the power grid. The first phase of the project supplies 50 megawatts of power, with the total planned capacity being 100 megawatts. This is the first Panda Power Plant in the world.

The Panda Power Plant is part of the Belt and Road initiative by the Chinese Government to increase cooperation between Eurasian countries. The plant has been constructed as part of an agreement signed between Panda Green Energy and the United Nations Development Program. Panda Green Energy plans to build more Panda Power Plants in the "Belt and Road" countries, as part of an initiative known as the "Panda 100 Program".

Once completed, the 100 megawatt Panda Power Plant can 3.2 billion kilowatt-hours of green energy over a period of twenty five years. Supplying the same amount of energy using coal based power plants would use up just over a million tons of coal. The Panda Power Plant will save 2.74 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions over its lifetime. The Datong Panda Power Plant is only the start of Panda Green Energy Group's vision of a global layout of Panda Power Plants.

Updated Date: Jul 05, 2017 19:55 PM