Panasonic launches Toughpad FZ-A1 tablet, announces CF-AX2 Ultrabook

Panasonic has launched two new products from its rugged Toughbook range of laptops, the Toughpad FZ-A1 and the Panasonic CF-AX2...

Panasonic has launched two new products from its rugged Toughbook range of laptops, the Toughpad FZ-A1 and the Panasonic CF-AX2, as well as the Convertible Windows 8 Pro Ultrabook.

The Panasonic Toughpad is a purpose-built Android-powered tablet, which the company claims is designed with enterprise-class security, long product life, and advanced device management in mind. The Toughpad FZ-A1 is aimed at healthcare services, pharmaceutical and construction companies as well as aviation and military sectors.

The Panasonic Ultrabook is equipped with a Flip-Over design, and is aimed towards mobile sales workforce, merchandisers and executives to use in notebook or tablet mode. The CF-AX2 has high usability, style, durability and a long battery life with a hot-swappable, replaceable battery, and is Microsoft Windows 8 Pro certified.

Panasonic launches Toughpad FZ-A1 tablet, announces CF-AX2 Ultrabook

The Toughpad FZ-A1 and the CF-AX2 Ultrabook


“The concept of "ruggedness" into business mobile PC was originally introduced by Panasonic, which made mobile users realise that Panasonic was seriously trying to adopt customer needs. Due to our effort to listen and understand customer needs, we have today been able to translate these customer conversations in breakthrough design, productivity and portability. India is a huge potential market for us and we hope that our solutions will contribute immensely to the critical applications related to development in such emerging nations”, said Hide Harada, Director of IT Products Business Unit, Panasonic Corporation.

Commenting on the features of the Toughpad, Gunjan Sachdev, General Manager & National Business Head, Panasonic Toughbook India, said, “As we see an increase in uptake of tablet-form mobile computing devices in Asia, we want to ensure that we apply our market knowledge as well as our deep store of intellectual property, engineering and R&D resources as the leader in the ruggedized mobile computing space, to deliver an Android-powered tablet that is radically different from the largely consumer-based devices on the market today. The Toughpad, with its daylight-readable screen with anti-glare coating and enhanced security features, will remove adoption barriers in the healthcare, construction, aviation and military industries, where there is a strong need for such capabilities.”


Speaking about the Ultrabook, Sachdev added, “The Panasonic CF-AX2 sets the new benchmark for business Ultrabooks with its security options, hot swappable batteries, an innovative strengthened 360 degrees flip over hinge and its business-rugged design. Companies in India are realizing the impact a mobile workforce can have on their opportunities in the market and on their business performance. The Panasonic CF-AX2 is designed to exceed the needs of the busy “always-on” mobile executive, increasing productivity and maximizing ROIs.”

The Panasonic Toughpad is priced at Rs 75,000 and is already available in India. The Panasonic Ultrabook is priced at Rs 1.3 lakh and will be available in India from February 2013

For further information, visit the official website.

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