Oppo promises to stop cheating in benchmarks after 3DMark delists Find X, F7

Oppo was found to be cheating with Find X and F7’s 3DMark, post which it was delisted by UL Benchmarks.

Last month, we did some extensive testing of ten of India's top smartphones to find out if they were cheating on benchmarks. Following a month-long investigation involving hundreds of tests, we concluded that Huawei, it's sub-brand Honor, Oppo and it's sub-brand Realme were all cheating on benchmarks. We submitted this data to UL Benchmarks, who were cooperating with us in this investigation. Following their own internal investigation, UL Benchmarks de-listed the Oppo Find X and Oppo F7 from its benchmark charts. At the time, the Oppo Find X was ranked as the 4th fastest Android phone in the world. Huawei had already been caught cheating in an earlier investigation by AnandTech and its phones had been delisted.

UL Benchmarks is the creator of reputed and industry-standard benchmarking software like 3DMark and PCMark.

Now, responding to our investigation and the delisting, Oppo has promised to "change". As part of our investigation, we determined that Oppo was targeting benchmarking apps by name. Normally, a phone will optimise resources based on the needs of an app. In the case of the cheating phones, not just Oppo's, the phones were allocating excess resources and artificially boosting performance when certain benchmarking apps were running. As a result of these boosted scores, the phones appeared to be more capable than they actually were. These companies used the inflated scores to push their phones as performance beasts.

Oppo promises to stop cheating in benchmarks after 3DMark delists Find X, F7

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While Oppo did not respond to our request for comment, the company did speak to UL Benchmarks and issued the following statement, “We have decided to cancel the package name detection for benchmark utilities. In future, system resources will be allocated solely based on application request. We will also grant users access to the Performance Mode.”

While this is a welcome update, and one that was a long time coming, this is not the first time that Oppo, and its sister companies, have been caught cheating on benchmarks.


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