Opera announced a free VPN service for smartphones, here are some alternatives

All the best VPNs available for smartphones to get around restrictions, protect privacy in public networks, and prevent ISPs from monitoring your traffic.

Opera recently became the first browser to offer free, unlimited, integrated VPN services. The service was available on Android at launch, and Opera VPN is now available on iOS as a standalone app. If you want to use another browser or service to bypass restrictions however, here are some of the best alternative VPN services available.

Opera announced a free VPN service for smartphones, here are some alternatives

Supernet: Free VPN Proxy by Supernet is meant to be secure and easy to use. There is no signing in or in-app purchases involved. The application is pre-configured on download, and everything works out of the box. The interface is very simple and intuitive, with most of it being a one-touch green shield that reads out "you are secured" when you are, well, actually secured by the VPN. The VPN is meant specifically for accessing content and services from restricted locations, so there aren't any advanced features available. Apart from turning the VPN on and off, the only other input available to the user is a choice of server locations. The servers are located in United Kingdom, United States, Russia, Netherlands and Luxembourg. Users are free to choose from between them.

Supernet is available on the Play Store, and is coming soon to the App Store. The service is also available as a browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.


FinchVPN: FinchVPN offers a small choice of servers in various countries and 3GB of free data usage per month. All the data is encrypted, and none of your activities are logged. Servers are located around the world and there are twenty servers available for paid subscriptions. There are locations in Europe, Americas and Southeast Asia. There are no servers in Australia or South Asia however. The encrypted data on FinchVPN does not allow ISPs to snoop on your activities. The service requires no root, and is ad-free. There are two pricing tiers for paid subscriptions. The pro tier offers 25GB per month, access to all the server locations, and remote support over TeamViewer. The Pro version is available for $1.61 per month. The Premier tier costs $ 3.21 per month, for unlimited data usage. The Premier tier supports port forwarding to allow inbound connections as well.

Finch VPN is available on the Play Store, and through a configuration file for OpenVPN Connect app on the App Store.


FlashVPN: FlashVPN is designed as an easy to use VPN service. There app is already configured on install and requires just one tap for the VPN to get up and running. There are servers available in US, UK and Japan. FlashVPN automatically chooses one of these servers, so that is another setting the user does not have to set. However, there used to be an option to select a particular country, which is no longer available. FlashVPN is free and sets no limit to data usage. For those using a VPN for security reasons, the data is encrypted. There are no paid tiers for the service. The one major drawback is that the application is ad-supported, and there are a lot of ads to wade through.

FlashVPN is available on the Play Store.


OpenVPN Connect: OpenVPN Connect is a powerful, fully-featured application, but it's complicated to use as it requires a lot of configuration from the user. Users have to set up their own OpenVPN servers before the service can be used. From a security standpoint, this is one of the safest VPNs possible because of its open source nature. There are a number of security features available, including hardware-backed keystores and multi-factor authentication. There is an in-built battery-saving feature as well, called a low-power mode, which pauses the VPN when the screen is blank or there is no connection. The VPN service is actually offered by Private Tunnel, which requires a sign-up. On signing up, you get 2GB of data usage for free, but it's a one-time deal. The offer is available as a promotion right now, and is time-limited. Users can however, earn more data by referring friends. The highest priced tier offers unlimited data for $29.99 per year. There are four US servers, and a server each in London, Switzerland, Montreal, Amsterdam and Stockholm. Third party VPN services can also be configured using this app.

OpenVPN is available on the Play Store and the App Store. Private Tunnel has standalone apps for the Play Store and App Store.


SpeedVPN: SpeedVPN is another simple to use VPN service. It has a one touch control for turning tunneling on and off. There is minimal configuration required from the user. The service is free, and grants you an hour of browsing time every time you start it up. You can just keep extending usage in one hour increments. There is no registration required and there are no settings to be tweaked. There are no paid tiers of the service either. SpeedVPN also goes easy on the advertising, which is a definite plus. The servers are available in France, Canada and the United States.

SpeedVPN is available on the Play Store.

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