OnePlus 6T's in-display fingerprint sensor gets faster with every use says company

OnePlus says that their research also revealed that green light works best for scanning fingerprints.

One of the biggest changes introduced by OnePlus in launching the OnePlus 6T is definitely the introduction of an in-display fingerprint scanner. The scanner here, however, wasn't particularly fast when we reviewed the smartphone.

In a recent blog post, OnePlus software engineer Yale Liu, explains on the forum page that the OnePlus 6T's in-display sensor will actually improve as users continue to use it.

OnePlus 6Ts in-display fingerprint sensor gets faster with every use says company

The ultrasonic fingerprint scanner on the OnePlus 6T is slow and not very reliable. Image: Tech2/Anirudh Regidi

According to OnePlus, every time a user successfully unlocks the phone with their fingerprint, the sensor records additional fingerprint data that wasn't registered in the initial setup stage. "So, every time the in-display fingerprint sensor is used, it gathers more data about the user’s fingerprint. This means that over time, the phone will unlock even faster," the post reads.

The staff member also adds to this saying, "The sensor’s algorithms are also able to figure out when the user’s fingerprint is different than usual – if their finger is wet or if they have a cut on it, etc. In these cases, once the phone is successfully unlocked, the algorithms add this new fingerprint data to the existing data to improve unlock speeds under these conditions."

OnePlus also explains why it chose to use green light for its FoD indicator colour and not white. Apparently, it isn’t just because it looks more appealing. Liu on behalf of the company claims that OnePlus' tests revealed that green light works best when scanning fingerprints.

We're not sure how much of Liu's and OnePlus' claims are true but considering we do have the OnePlus 6T in our labs, it is definitely something we can spend more time and weigh in on the claims.

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