One For All: This smartphone is perfect for every kind of user

It’s not very often that a phone comes along that has something for everyone. A phone that has a great camera may not have the best design, a phone that has a great display may have a bad processor, a phone that has all of these may end up costing you your liver and a kidney. You get the drift, right?

That’s why we were blown away when we got our hands on the Vivo V11 Pro. This is a phone that fits into a decent budget, is beautiful to look at, and can satisfy all the needs of every smartphone user. Let’s take a quick look at the different kind of smartphone users and how the Vivo V11 Pro is a ‘Pro’ at meeting their requirements.

The Photography Enthusiast


These are the people who believe their phone is a camera that can make calls and can be used to text people. A 12 MP primary rear camera supported by a 5 MP one with Google lens technology, and powered by a 25 MP selfie camera with a super-high resolution sensor translates into a dream phone for photography enthusiasts. The Vivo V11 Pro has one of the best camera features in its category. It’s perfect for outdoor photography, and pictures come out in vibrant colours. The detailing is intense and the range is dynamic. Indoor photography is a lot better than most cameras out there. The colours are rich, and there’s hardly any noise. You barely notice a change in the pictures even in low light. Selfie enthusiasts will love this piece. You can see all the details in your face, there’s very little distortion, and the colour is good. Add other features like AI beautification and portrait lighting, and you have a winner on your hands.

The Gamer


You can easily recognise the gamer in a crowd. He is the one with an outsized headphone who keeps yelling at his online team. He only goes for the serious phone. He will always choose performance over looks. Can a phone that looks good be great at performance? Normally, the answer is a resounding NO! The Vivo V11 Pro makes you eat your NO and how. The 6 GB RAM ensures that playing games like PUBG and Asphalt 9 is a cinch. There are no lags or stutters or freezes when you are online. If you can play these games without any issues, lightweight games are going to be a breeze on this device. This is a perfect phone for gamers. A Snapdragon 660 processor and 6 GB RAM are more than enough for the gamer community.

The Multi-tasker


There are some people who love opening multiple apps on their phone. You know who you are. You are the same people who have 20 tabs open on your internet browser. Instagram, Snapchat, email, Facebook, PUBG, food apps, travel apps, shopping apps… list out all your apps. It’s not going to be a problem at all. The Vivo V11 Pro handles all of these with ease. Your phone won’t hang!

The Casual User


This user likes to keep matters simple. They have standard apps on their phones. They like to keep up with the latest in the market. This user wants a hassle-free phone with a good battery. The Vivo V11 Pro is perfect for them as it ticks all the boxes. Good camera? Check. Good battery? Check. Runs their apps smoothly? Check. Available without burning a hole in their pocket? Check. Good RAM? Check. Great, please order one for me!

The Fashionista


This user would rather be caught without a phone instead of one that looks bad. It’s all about the looks, baby. The Starry Night and Dazzling Gold versions will make the Fashionista drool. The super-AMOLED screen with a 91.27% screen-to-body ratio makes watching content an experience in itself. The thin bezels and the raindrop notch take the Fashionista’s breath away. The selfie camera with AI technology makes all of their social media images beautiful. This phone beats all the other flagships in the market when it comes to looking good. The Fashionista will struggle to find reasons why she shouldn’t get their hands on the Vivo V11 Pro right away.

The Pro User


This user wants the latest in the tech world on his phone. And boy does the Vivo V11 Pro deliver! The in-display fingerprint and face unlock technology is the best in class. The phone uses both features simultaneously to unlock the phone. It uses whichever is the faster of the two to unlock the piece. How cool is that! Lighting doesn’t matter to the Vivo V11 Pro. It functions very well in very low or very bright light. The software on the phone is Android 8.1 Oreo-based Funtouch OS. The software is optimised to the hilt and lets you customise the look according to your preference.  The 3400mAh battery can comfortably last a day with heavy usage, and the sound quality is amazing.  The Vivo V11 ‘Pro’ is a ‘Profect’ fit for the ‘Pro’ user.

So which Vivo V11 Pro user are you?

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