On Video: HTC One dual sim

The HTC One remains the best looking and best built smartphone of 2013 and while the company nailed the design and aesthetics on the first attempt, they just haven’t got a handle on the pricing. The One was terribly overpriced at launch (and still is) and now they’ve launched another little number that touches Rs 50,000. We are talking about the One dual sim. HTC took user feedback and have added another SIM and microSD card slot, without having to compromise on the design at all, which is commendable. 

The phone is identical to the HTC One except for a couple of areas. It’s a little bit heavier and slightly thicker than the single SIM version but you’ll only notice this if you hold them side by side. The back portion comes off with the help of the latch on the side. Underneath, we have two micro SIM slots and the SD card slot that supports up to 64GB of storage. The first SIM supports 3G while the other is GSM only. Dual standby is available so you can have two active SIMs together. The fact that nothing else has changed is not exactly good news for the dual SIM version of the One. The first one had terrible battery life and the new version packs the same capacity as well. Now, add another active SIM to the picture and we aren’t looking too good on backup time.

A leaked press image of the red coloured HTC One

HTC's pricing strategy continues to baffle us


All of these issues pale in comparison when you see the asking price. At Rs 50,000, the One dual sim is simply too expensive to even consider when you have handsets like the Note 3 and soon, the iPhone 5s which have a much better battery life. HTC seriously needs to re-consider their pricing strategy and get more phones out in different price brackets if they hope to pull out of the slump they’ve been in. We’ll be putting the One dual sim through the wringer as usual so stay tuned for the full-blown review coming soon.

Updated Date: Oct 30, 2013 13:00 PM