NVIDIA to Release Updated GTX 590

The updated version will hopefully not blow up.

If reports on the internet are to be believed, NVIDIA is working on an updated version of the flagship dual-GPU GTX 590 graphics card.


NVIDIA to Release Updated GTX 590

New and improved?




The original GTX 590 had a serious issue, as numerous users and analysts had reported the card blowing up in smoke during benchmarks. However, with a hardware fix, NVIDIA is hoping to reignite the battle between the dual-GPU cards and go up against the AMD Radeon HD6990.

Unfortunately, the hardware fix will require a new baseplate, making it impossible for third-party manufacturers to implement this change to existing, already shipped out cards. The revised GTX 590, with a new 502 marking on the PCB and increased overclockability, is expected to be released in June.


Update: NVIDIA contacted us to inform us that it adds alternate source components to products as part of normal supply chain management, but there is no new GeForce GTX 590 board design as rumored. NVIDIA assures us that all GeForce GTX 590 graphics cards run as great as originally designed.

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