Nvidia To Release a Scaled-down 8800 GTS

Nvidia plans to release a GeForce 8800 GTS with reduced memory.

Dailytech has reported that Nvidia is planning to release a new scaled down version of its G80 based GeForce 8800 GTS product. This new product will sport only half the physical memory its predecessor, the GeForce 8800GTS has i.e. 320 MB instead of 640 MB. All other aspects of the 640 MB card will remain the same i.e. 500MHz core frequency, 800MHz memory frequency and 96 dynamic allocation stream processors.

The 320 MB card is one of the many G80 derivatives expected for Q1'07. Other DirectX 10 GeForce cards such as G84-300 and G86-300 are expected later this year .

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