Now Drive a Car with just Thoughts

German scientists figure out a way to drive cars using brain signals.

A while back, I did a story on a gizmo that you could use to control graphics on your iPhone, but this one’s taking it a hundred steps ahead. I just read on Science Daily that a German lab based in Berlin has just come out with a concept that could let you control a car with your mind. Sounds insane? Check the video out!



These mad scientists work at the AutoNOMOS innovation labs at Freie Universität Berlin and say that a car can be controlled with just your thoughts and a unique software installed in a car. The technology also uses sensors to measure brain waves, recording electroencephalograms (EEG). Using this, the scientists were able to figure out exactly what brain waves were being used for commands like accelerate, brake, left and right. The software installed in the car can read these signals and actually transform them into actions.

Now Drive a Car with just Thoughts

Wonder what he's thinking



Apparently the test was quite successful, apart from a little delay between the commands and the actual response of the car. They also performed a second test where the car pretty much drove automatically, but responded to the driver’s brainwaves where direction was concerned.  

Now, I’m a pretty spaced out guy, and I also seriously suspect that I have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). So what happens if I’m driving the car and start randomly thinking of pasta? Interesting thought no?

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