Nokia TV to strengthen ecosystem within ecosystem with live streaming

There are chances that a fresh ‘Lumia only’ application is soon going to hit the Windows Phone 7 marketplace,

There are chances that a fresh ‘Lumia only’ application is soon going to hit the Windows Phone 7 marketplace, and it looks like it is going to be a live TV streaming application. As you can see in the images below, it has been dubbed Nokia TV, and this app aims to provide users with streaming of daily shows and videos over Wi-Fi or data connection. As reported by The Verge, the screenshots of this particular application have been leaked on site and there are chances that it will be launching soon in Finland, with their local broadcasters YLE, MTV3 and Nelopen. The application will allow users to gather and view content from various archives and upcoming networks and though complete details aren’t available, it seems like a pretty nifty feature to have in your Lumia handset. The deal however, is that if it indeed comes to Lumia phones, when will it actually come to India? That might be another story in itself. 

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Nokia TV might be coming soon



We have already seen Nokia trying to make their presence felt in the WP7 smartphone world, with the current set (and impending release) of Lumia only applications, like Nokia Play, Drive and Maps. Also, a couple of imaging applications are also in the pipeline. This method of an ecosystem within an ecosystem definitely does give it an edge over the other Windows Phone 7 manufacturers, like HTC and Samsung. Nokia is clearly differentiating themselves from the other manufacturers and have been trying to get the crowds close to their ecosystem, and that’s definitely good planning on their part. Some might feel that this may be inclining towards more fragmentation, but it’s important to note that even for Android smartphones, every manufacturer (Sony, Samsung, HTC) has their own set of dedicated applications that are universal, only for that particular manufacturer. So, for all you guys owning Lumia phones, good news may soon be around the corner! As for the rest of you guys with Windows Phone 7 handsets, are you feeling left out? Or does the growing Marketplace more than cater to your needs? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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