Nokia to launch Virtual Reality product next week?

Looks like Nokia is the latest company to dabble in the virtual reality.

Looks like Nokia is the latest company to dabble in virtual reality. According to Re/code, the company is all set to launch the a new VR platform next week in Los Angeles. However, there is no word on what exactly the platform will cater to.

Nokia was rumoured to make a comeback in the phone market, but there has been no-show so far. So, this is believed to be the most significant consumer hardware launch from Nokia ever since it sold the devices and services businesses to Microsoft in 2013. The upcoming product is reportedly coming from Nokia Technologies, who are also known to be working on licensing deals in order to get back into the phone business.

This new announcement will also put Nokia in the increasing number of tech firms jumping onto the VR bandwagon. The list already includes Samsung, Microsoft, Facebook, among others. While Google, Samsung and Facebook are racing to be the first to launch their respective products, others like Microsoft have already managed to impress many with the HoloLens. Recently, OnePlus Cardboard VR headset went for sale at Rs 99. After all, virtual reality seems enormous and very promising. Imagine, putting on a pair of goggles or headgear, and being transported into a different world.

However, what Nokia exactly plans to announce next week is still unclear.

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