Nokia sued for £1 mn by a UK man who claims that excessive use of the phone gave him a brain tumor: Report

A Nokia spokesperson reportedly stated that its products comply to international exposure guidelines and limitations set by the public health authorities

A salesman in UK has sued Nokia for 1 million sterling pounds. In the lawsuit, he claims that excessive use of a Nokia phone led to a brain tumour.

Nokia. Reuters.

Nokia. Reuters.

According to a Sunday Mirror report, Neil Whitfield, 60, filed a lawsuit claiming that in the 1990’s the nature of his job was such that the phone had to be ‘glued’ to his ear, so much so that he would use it while driving as well. Over a span of five years, he developed an acoustic neuroma tumour on a nerve between his inner ear and brain. He stated that the tumour was the size of a golf ball. This led him to suffer from problems such as imbalance. He claims that often he noticed heat disseminating from his phone. He cannot wear a hearing aid since his inner ear organs were removed.

After an operation in 2001, he went deaf in one ear. He eventually had to leave his job as a construction material salesman when he refused to carry his cellphone.

Neil knows that he faces an uphill battle against a smartphone giant like Nokia. Katrina Pope, his lawyer, hopes that the claim would get stronger by the end of 2018. Experts have been assigned to carry radiation tests, which also includes the Nokia phone Neil used, a Nokia 5510.

He believes his case would help his children and future generations.

A Nokia spokesperson reportedly stated that its products comply to international exposure guidelines and the limitations set by the public health authorities. He also cited a World Health Organisation report, which said that no potential risks from cell phones have been found.

The effect of cellphones on human health has been questioned for decades. An earlier report tells that according to a Swedish study, scientists found that exposure to cellphones from an early age could lead to brain tumors. The study said that if a child uses cell phones between the age of 8 to 12 years, the effects of cellphone use could increase by the time the child becomes an adult, that is, 21 years of age. Other studies have pointed out that cell phones and cell towers emit non-ionising radiation, which is harmless to humans.

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