Nokia Lumia 520 is Windows Phone's saving grace

Are you wondering how well Windows Phone might be doing?

Are you wondering how well Windows Phone might be doing? AdDuplex has released a report that gives us a comprehensive look at the market share of each Windows Phone 8 handset, and compares it to that of Windows Phone 7, according to WP Central. Going by the data for Indian Windows Phone devices, the Lumia 520 seems to be the operating system's saving grace. The budget Windows Phone 8 handset has 43.4 percent of the overall WP8 market share, with the second-highest being the Lumia 720.

Nokia Lumia 520 is Windows Phone's saving grace

The Lumia 520 is Windows Phone's biggest seller


Higher end WP8 devices don't seem to be as popular, with the 920 having a tiny 2.9 percent slice of the pie. OEMs other than Nokia don't seem to be relevant at all, considering Samsung and HTC have been lumped together as the "Other" WP8 smartphone makers with 5.7 percent market share.


Nokia sells the most Windows Phone devices


Worldwide, Nokia is apparently selling 90 percent of Windows Phone devices. HTC is a far second with 7 percent. Samsung and Huawei may as well have not existed in the pie chart at all, with the measly 1.8 percent and 1.3 percent Windows Phone market share respectively. Looking at this, one can’t help but wonder how the WP8 landscape will look once Nokia’s mobile division has been completely absorbed into Microsoft. The rift between the number of Lumia devices and number of HTC WP8 devices will surely widen.


Why won't you just die already, Windows Phone 7?


Windows Phone 7, on the other hand, seems to refuse to die. The operating system still runs on roughly 24.7 percent of Windows Phone devices in the world. Windows Phone 8 runs on 75.3 percent of the world's WP devices. WP7 hasn't gotten much support from either Microsoft or OEMs since the launch of WP8. The Lumia 710 and 800 were both somewhat popular when they launched, however, as can be seen in the chart.

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