Nobody wants hacked NSA tools; The Shadow Brokers go on an angry rant in broken English

The ShadowBrokers let their broken English loose on the Internet after attracting no serious bids on the hacked NSA security tools on a public auction.

The Shadow Brokers let their broken English loose on the Internet after nobody was bidding for the hacked NSA tools. The Shadow Brokers have posted an online bitcoin auction apparently obtained from the hoard of a threat actor related to the NSA known as the Equation Group. The Auction has raised concerns about security establishments stockpiling up on zero day exploits.

While there have been indications that the hacks are real, and that actual surveillance tools used by the NSA are up for sale. However, no one seems to be interested in buying the leaked tools. There was one troll who submitted sequential bids of 0.001337 bitcoin each (roughly Rs 50) that Rickrolled the Shadow Brokers.

Using Bitcoin transactions to Rickroll the Shadow Brokers

Using Bitcoin transactions to Rickroll the Shadow Brokers

Reacting to the lack of interest, the Shadow Brokers posted on Medium trying to clear some of concerns that interested buyers may have about the auction. “The Shadow Brokers Equation Group Auction is sounding crazy but is being real. Expert peoples is saying Equation Group Firewall Tool Kit worth $1million. The Shadow Brokers is wanting that $1 million,” the Shadow Brokers said in the post. “If you peoples is being easily confuse, you be stopping here. If you peoples be wanting to know more then keeping reading.”

The Shadow Brokers go on to explain that the auction is being held online, and not underground, because they do not exactly have a phonebook of underground peddlers of zero day exploits. The hacking group is apparently not interested in fame, they just want the right price to pay for their efforts. It hopes that the adversaries of the Equation Group, or its victims will make bids for the hacked tools. They are not returning the money on bids as they do not want to track all the transactions.

The no refunds policy is apparently aimed at serious bidders, and the bids are cumulative. An interested buyer can post multiple bids, and they will all add up. The rant is hard to read, abusive and misogynistic. Ranting against users who raise concerns about the auction and process seems to be a counterproductive way to get someone to actually buy the tools that Shadow Brokers have put up for auction.

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