No new iPad sees tablet shipments fall, Apple's market share shrinks: IDC

Worldwide shipments of tablet computers have slowed down in Q2 of 2013 as Apple hasn't released a new model of its trend-setting iPad, reports data-research firm IDC.

Worldwide shipments of tablet computers slowed down in Q2 of 2013 because Apple did not release a new model of its trend-setting iPad, data-research firm IDC has said.

According to IDC numbers, tablet shipments totaled 45.1 million units in the April-June period, down nearly 9.7 percent from Q1 of 2013. However shipments in Q2 of 2013 increased by nearly 60 percent from Q2 2012, indicating that the tablet PC market will continue to grow.

The reason for low growth in Q2 compared to Q1 is the lack of a new iPad. Apple had announced the fourth generation iPad and the iPad mini in October last year, nearly 10 months ago. Apple was on top with 14.6 million iPads shipped and the company had a 32.4 percent market share in Q2 of 2013. However, this represents a decline of about 14.1 percent for Apple as it had nearly 60 percent market share in Q2 of 2012.

No new iPad sees tablet shipments fall, Apples market share shrinks: IDC

An iPad mini and fourth generation iPad are seen in this file photo. Getty Images

"A new iPad launch always piques consumer interest in the tablet category and traditionally that has helped both Apple and its competitors," said Tom Mainelli, Research Director, Tablets at IDC. "With no new iPads, the market slowed for many vendors, and that's likely to continue into the third quarter. However, by the fourth quarter we expect new products from Apple, Amazon, and others to drive impressive growth in the market."

Samsung continues to hover at the number two spot in the tablet market and the South-Korean firm shipped 8.1 million tablets with an 18 percent market share for Q2 of 2013. Asus was at number three with two million shipments and a market share of 4.5 percent. Both Samsung and Asus have increased their market share from Q2 of 2012.

IDC data also showed that firms like Lenovo and Acer have done well in the segment. Lenovo shipments surpassed the million unit mark in a quarter for the first time with company shipping 1.5 million devices. This is 313.9 percent increase from Q2 of 2012 and Lenovo now has 3.3 percent market share. Acer came in at number five shipping 1.4 million tablets in Q2 2013, an increase of 35.4 percent over the first quarter of 2013.


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