No More Cr-48 Chrome Laptops, At Least For Now

Google's Product Management VP, Sundar Pichai tweets about the last Cr-48 laptop.

Now that’s a really short life-span for a laptop! Looking at the fact that these laptops had arrived at the end of the last year and won’t be shipping any longer now, the Cr-48 did not get to see too much in terms of software or hardware upgrades.


 No More Cr-48 Chrome Laptops, At Least For Now

Okay then...


Sundar Pichai, VP of Product Management for Google, tweeted that the all units have been shipped “for now”. So we can safely assume that we won’t be seeing the laptop as their plans to global with the Cr-48 did not really materialize. However, Google fans will still be able to get their hands on the Google Chrome OS although it will be in the form of devices from other manufacturers (Acer or Samsung).

Like most of the tech enthusiasts, we were also looking forward to have one of these notebooks for a review. It certainly would be quite something to experience what Google’s cloud-based Chrome OS would actually have to offer. Google came with a great OS in the form of Android and if they did hang on to the Cr-48, we could possibly see their plans grow. Anyway, we’ll wait for a few more months to see what the Chrome OS will actually be like.

via thechromesource

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