NITI Aayog releases proposal for a "quick pilot" to develop electric vehicle infrastructure in Delhi

NITI Aayog has released a proposal for a quick pilot has been drafted in collaboration with AC2SG, a clean energy smartgrid solutions provider from Finland. The pilot will allow for the rapid rollout of the infrastructure necessary to support electric vehicles in the Gurgaon-IGI-South Delhi-Noida corridor. The pilot will accelerate the actual rollout of the infrastructure in Delhi, and provide a roadmap for similar rapid rollouts in other cities across India, based on the learnings of the pilot in Delhi.

A sign is painted on a parking space for electric cars. Reuters

A sign is painted on a parking space for electric cars. Reuters

The initial installations will begin from November 2017 itself. 55 locations have been identified which will be provided with 135 charging stations, out of which 46 are DC based quick charging stations while the remaining 89 are relatively slower AC charging stations. State governments, government authorities and private companies will work with each other for the pilot. The planned stages are project kickoff, formulating a "long list" of locations, streamlining and timing, documentation and wrap up.

The quick pilot is a step towards India's ambitious plans to transform mobility by switching to all electric vehicles by 2030, significantly reducing the stress that transportation puts on the environment. Around 2.5 million fossil fuel based vehicles are sold in India every year, and there is a lack of infrastructure to support the ambitious plan to switch to electric only vehicles within thirteen years. One of the key proposals by NITI Aayog to meet the deadline is through the use of replaceable batteries that can be switched at charging stations, instead of the vehicles queuing up while connected to a charging cable.


Updated Date: Nov 11, 2017 09:56 AM