Nexus 5 may start shipping by end of October, specs could match iPhone 5s

A new leak has revealed that the Nexus 5 could start shipping in by the end of October and come with match the iPhone 5s in specifications....

There is a lot of news about Google’s next addition to the Nexus line-up, the Nexus 5. While earlier reports have helped to paint a pretty clear picture about what to expect, a new leak, according to Tech Radar, reveals a great deal more. Not only has the official launch date of smartphone been hinted at, but we have also managed to get information at the possible price too. A clearer picture of the internals has also emerged, and it will apparently “match” the performance of Apple’s recently launched iPhone 5s

First off, sources close to the search giant have said that the much awaited device will most likely be announced and start shipping out in the last week of October. If this rumour is true, it would mean that we may be able to officially catch a glimpse of the new Nexus device in close to three weeks.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg. The sources have also said that the new device will reportedly be “half the price” of Apple's recently released iPhone 5s. Internationally, that would place the price of the smartphone in the $440 (Rs 27,470 approx) range. There is still no estimate on how much it will cost in India, unfortunately. The price tag will definitely fall in line with Google’s policy of selling a high performance smartphone with a low price. While the source has said that the price, launch and shipping information have surfaced in relation to the UK market, it is confident that the smartphone will also be rolled out to the rest of the world soon after the official launch.

Nexus 5 may start shipping by end of October, specs could match iPhone 5s

The new Nexus 5 could match the iPhone 5s, for half the price


There still isn't much information about how the Nexus 5 will match the 5s in terms of performance but the leak could possibly mean that the new handset will comes with a fingerprint identity sensor, much like Touch ID. It could also mean that the device may pack in a considerable 64GB of internal memory. While there is still no confirmation, the added onboard storage would definitely be a boon as leaked images show that the new Nexus won’t come with an external memory slot.


It could also mean that Google may be working on something similar to the new iPhone’s 64-bit A7 processor. With Apple’s latest move to increase the processor power, it was inevitable that companies like Google and Samsung would follow suit. Samsung was earlier reported stating that the South Korean company's next smartphones would come with 64-bit processing functionality. If this turns out to be confirmed, we can also expect the new Nexus 5 to come with 4GB of RAM to future-proof the device and also create a desktop-like experience. Earlier reports, however, had stated that the new handset would come with 3GB or RAM.

All in all, this is pretty exciting, because it shows that Google is looking to take some of Apple’s stake in international markets. The source also points out that the Nexus 5’s comparison with the iPhone 5s could point to the search giant seriously looking at cutting into the iPhone makers popularity in the UK market, where the latter currently enjoys 29 percent stake. The claims, if true, will definitely increase the popularity of the much-anticipated device.