New update for Skype on Android introduces themes, ability to reorder chat and more

Microsoft-owned video chat application, Skype, has released version 8.3 for its Android app. The latest version included a number of new features such as themes, activity indicators, ability to reorder of chat conversations and performance enhancements.

Skype. AFP

Skype. AFP

The users can use any one of the two themes available in the update. White and Dark are the two options that users can choose from in the themes section instead of the default all white interface. Dark theme is recommended for usage during night hours as the white theme can be too bright causing discomfort to the eyes of the user.

Activity indicators will help the users keep a track of the status of their friends and family in their contact list. If there is a green circle on the bottom then it means that the user is currently active. Chat reordering helps you to change the order of your chats on three categories which are recent, unread and currently active.

The update is now currently available on the Google app store. This is coming right after Microsoft announced its partnership with PayPal to enable peer-to-peer transactions via Skype platform starting from 2 August 2017. While conversing with friends or family, you can go to ‘Find’ on the top bar and select the ‘Send Money’ feature, type in the amount followed by confirming the payment and then sending it. In terms of charges levied, the rates are similar to PayPal’s peer-to-peer payments

Updated Date: Aug 04, 2017 22:42 PM