New Samsung smartphone, SM-G7102, spotted in FCC database

A new Samsung smartphone has now been spotted on the FCC database...

Samsung may have another smartphone in the pipeline, according to the FCC database. While the device is yet to be announced, a quick look reveals that the handset comes with the model name SM-G7102, and by the looks of it, the device will come with a large display and dual-SIM support. According to the filing, the device will measure 75.1x147 mm, making it only slightly shorter and narrower than the recently launched Galaxy Note 3.

While the FCC documents fail to provide more information, shipment data from another source has revealed that the smartphone will be coming with a 5.25-inch display. The handset’s User Agent Profile, apart from this, hints at a 720x1280 pixel resolution for the screen. The operating system in question for the new handset will be Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. While there is not much else known about the new handset yet, the dual-SIM support should mean that the SM-G7102 will be seen in Asian markets as opposed to the US. There is still no confirmation whether this device will be seen in India. There is also no word from Samsung about the existence of this particular device.

New Samsung smartphone, SM-G7102, spotted in FCC database

A new Samsung device has been spotted


The fact that the company has big plans of expansion is no secret. At its Analyst day event held in Seoul, Samsung revealed that it would be shipping out over 100 million Galaxy S and Note devices this year. In addition, the company has also said that they are looking at expanded in the tablet market, with over 40 million of the company’s Android-based tablets being shipped from the middle of 2012 to the same period in 2013.



Expanding markets like China, India and Brazil are prime targets in the company’s list. The company also announced that it would be coming up with custom ARM CPUs that will be seen in its smartphones as early as next year. Samsung has also said that it plans to come up with the smartphones bearing 4K displays by 2015.