New Nitrous game engine to use full potential of 64-bit hardware

Looks like there’s a new game engine in town, and what makes this one interesting is that it has been created with 64-bit systems in mind. The engine, called Nitrous, will be able to make games for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 hardware. It has been created by veterans of the industry, from companies such as Microsoft and Firaxis, as part of a new company named Oxide Games. In addition, with its unprecedented utilisation of multiple cores, the developers claim that Nitrous is also able to utilise the potential of new architectures such as Intel’s recent Haswell CPU.

The game engine has features such as Simultaneous Work and Rendering Model. This essentially renders from the CPU core that is most available at any given moment. This, in turn, helps the creation of a larger number of high-fidelity 3D objects than we usually see from game engines. The developers of the engine have been working with AMD, Intel and Nvidia for the last few months so as to allow Nitrous to take full advantage of the latest hardware.

The engine will be used by Stardock

The engine will be used by Stardock


Tim Kipp, co-founder of Oxide Games said, “In most modern games, players may see a handful of unique, high-fidelity 3D models on the screen at the same time. That’s because current 3D engines are 32-bit and rely on a ‘main thread’ to talk to the GPU. Nitrous, by contrast, was designed from scratch to be a 64-bit, multicore engine. Nitrous will render epic numbers of units and light sources on a screen at any given time.”

By natively supporting 64-bit computing, Nitrous is able to support very high resolution texture models while its multicore capability enables vast numbers of light sources on screen simultaneously. A number of developers have already committed to using Nitrous for upcoming titles. Developer and publisher Stardock Entertainment, known for PC games such as Sins of a Solar Empire, the Galactic Civilizations series and Fallen Enchantress, provided the seed money for Oxide Games as part of the Stardock Strategic Investment Fund.


Updated Date: Oct 24, 2013 18:00 PM