New Google+ tool lets you merge multiple accounts

Users of the search giant's popular social network, Google+ now have the option of merging their one Google+ ...

Users of Google's own social network, Google+, now have the option of merging their Google+ accounts, allowing them to have their contacts transferred to the new account while having their followers redirected, too. In an official blog post, Google's Ronald Ho writes, "Today, anyone can visit Google Takeout and click “Transfer your Google+ connections to another account”:"


To begin with, users will have to click on the Google+ circles transfer tool at Google Takeout. The tool essentially transfers a user's Google+ circles and connections from what is a "source" account to a "destination" account and, in doing so, it replaces the user's source profile with his or her destination profile in the circles of other users. The content in one's circles and connections that can be transferred comprise - circle names, circle members, "your circles" settings, and the people and pages that a user may have blocked or ignored.

 New Google+ tool lets you merge multiple accounts

Tool to merge multiple accounts here. 



There is, however, a seven-day waiting period before the transfer can begin. If a user wishes to cancel the transfer, they can sign in to one of their Google+ accounts and can click on 'Cancel Transfer' option at the bottom of the page. The cancelation cannot be done if using a mobile interface.


Further, the post on the help centre adds, "If the source or destination accounts are managed by an organization, the account administrator may restrict your ability to transfer your connections and/or use Google+." Users will not be able to use this tool with the same accounts again for six months and users cannot cancel or undo the transfer process once it begins. Yet another limitation users planning to go in for this will have to bear in mind is that, during the transfer process - neither of the accounts will be able to "share content on Google+, add or remove people to and from circles and block or ignore people." The post adds further that "people who have added these account profiles to their circles won't be able to add, remove, block or ignore these profiles during the transfer. Transfers typically take about 48 hours."

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