New Flagship NVIDIA Card Incoming on March 24

A new video up on YouTube teases a major announcement to made on March 24.

The NVIDIA GTX 590 Dual GPU card has been expected to launch anytime soon now, and it seems NVIDIA are ready and poised for the announcement too. A new video posted over on YouTube teases the announcement of a ‘flagship card’ on March 24.

New Flagship NVIDIA Card Incoming on March 24

NVIDIA's a tease


The video contains some other points of interest – such as NVIDIA’s Director of Marketing, Tom Petersen, showing off a green military box that has the words ‘Top Secret’ on it. He then goes on to call what’s inside the box “the best graphics card we’ve ever built”. Ooh, those are some strong words right there, even if it is just marketing spiel.

The GTX 590 is expected to feature two GF110 chips (the GTX580, the fastest single GPU solution in the market today is powered by one) and go up against AMD’s recently announced Radeon HD6990, which is the fastest graphics card in the world currently.

These dual-GPU solutions generally aren’t expected to move volumes, but rather give the GeForce and Radeon brands some major mileage. Let’s see how this battle, which has been stalled for a while now because the last dual-GPU card NVIDIA released was the GTX295, plays out this time.

Anyway, check the video out and wait for the announcement at 6:30pm IST on March 24.



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