NASA brings spooky space sounds from the depths of the Solar System to your smartphone this Halloween

While we already have our list of spooky Halloween apps and games you can scare yourself with, NASA has come up with an impressive playlist on SoundCloud, that brings some spooky sounds from the farthest reaches of space right to your desktop or even your smartphone.

Representational image. News18

Representational image. News18

Indeed, it is obvious, that the vaccum of space does not let anyone hear any sounds, so the scientists at NASA tapped into some of its spacecrafts that have instruments capable of capturing radio emissions instead. Scientists then converted these emissions into sound waves and results do sound quite scary.

So plug in and listen to the sounds from our solar system, courtesy of Juno, the Van Allen Probes, Cassini, Galileo and Stardust and more.

The key ones include the one that came from Juno when it crossed the boundary of Jupiter's magnetic field. A clipping tagged as 'Crossing Jupiter's Bow Shock' comes from Juno's Waves instrument, which recorded the encounter with the bow shock over the course of 2 hours on 24 June 2016.

Another one comes from NASA's Van Allen Probes using the EMFISIS instrument which recorded the almost rhythmic radio emissions that sound like the roaring ocean.

It is wise to note that these recordings come from different times. There are a total of 22 recordings in the playlist titled 'Spooky Sounds from Across the Solar System'.


Updated Date: Oct 30, 2017 15:59 PM