Must Try GTA IV Mods

Here are ten of the best Grand Theft Auto IV (PC) Mods out there.

Even though Grand Theft Auto IV for the PC wasn’t the best port ever made, it still had a huge advantage over its console counterparts in the form of a thriving mod community that went to town the first chance they got.

Now we have over hundreds of mods to choose from, some of which are merely cosmetic while some of which actually affect gameplay. In this feature we’ll take a look at ten of the best ones we liked.

 Must Try GTA IV Mods

But before we delve further into the mod-scene you need to know that these mods are made by third party users so (a) Neither Rockstar nor the mod creators are responsible for any sort of mess up caused by installing this mod and (b) I strongly suggest you back up important files (like your save game) you know, just in case.

Also to make use of most of these mods you’ll require a software called SparkIV, that can be downloaded right here.

Right, now that we’re done with all the formalities lets move on to the article at hand.

Fingerless Gloves Tweak (courtesy
Well this is more of a tweak than a mod but either way you get the controversial fingerless gloves and here’s how:

  • Using SparkIV, open up playerped.rpf (located in Grand Theft Auto IV/pc/models/cdimages/).
  • Backup the default hand textures by exporting hand_000_r.wdr and hand_diff_000_a_whi.wtd. Save them somewhere safe incase you ever want to revert.
  • Export hand_001_r.wdr and hand_diff_001_a_whi.wtd, and then change the 001 in both file names to 000.
  • Now re-import the files you have just re-named.
  • Press save!

Exaggerated Blood
1.77 MB

Which action gamer in his right mind doesn’t like copious amounts of blood in his games? The exaggerated blood mod, does just that.


Rocket Shooting Guns2.34 KB

If you’re of the opinion that your arsenal in GTA IV lacked the necessary firepower, this mod is right up your alley. What it does is make sure that your Desert Eagle, Glock Pistol, MP5 sub-machine gun and M4 Carbine (assault rifle) all fire rockets. The above mentioned weapons also have better range and a bigger clip size. Talk about an explosive mod.


Niko Klebitz831 KB

Bored of Niko’s face? Why not substitute him with a more badass version of Johnny Klebitz, the protagonist from the Lost and the Damned sans tattoos and scars.


L.C.P.D. Outfit172 KB

So you like patrolling the streets liberating it from crime and whatnot but you’re doing that as Niko Bellic. How about you get into character and don on a spiffy LCPD officer uniform via this easy to implement mod?


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