Motorola's Bullet and Jet Might be the First Tegra 3 Smartphones

The two smartphones from Motorola are rumoured to be the first to run on quad-core processors.

NVIDIA had spoken quite a bit about their future in manufacturing SoCs (System on a Chip) for smartphones back in February. They also told us about their Kal-El plan which was a quad-core processor for smartphones and tablets. Rumour has it now that Motorola might be rolling out the first quad-core smartphones, codenamed Bullet and Jet, early next year.

Motorola's Bullet and Jet Might be the First Tegra 3 Smartphones

Quad-core processors on phones soon


While the Motorola Jet is said to be a slider smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard, the Bullet will have a 4.3-inch qHD touchscreen display. The Jet’s display will be a little smaller at 4-inch, but will also have a qHD resolution screen. Both smartphones will be having a RAM between 1 or 2 GB (probably 1.5 GB). It shouldn’t be surprising to know that these smartphones might also boast NFC capabilities as well. Finally, while there’s no mention about their front facing cameras, the smartphones might boast of 12 Megapixel cameras.

So while all the specs definitely talk about an awesome smartphone in the making, it’s very important to know that these are still in the “rumour” stages. Another thing is that these smartphones will also boast of 4G or LTE capabilities, so at least for now they might not make immediate sense for the Indian market.

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