Mobile Number Portability Is (Wait For It) Delayed Again

Delayed till the 25th of November. This time.

This is the third time mobile number portability in India has been delayed. Previously scheduled to roll out by November 1st in Haryana, the Department of Telecom has said that the service will be in effect by November 25th. They've said that all the networks are placed in order to implement MNP but haven't given a reason for the delay. "Though there had been some delay in the launch of the service, it had been ensured that the service was provided to all subscribers sans any technical glitches," said Sachin Pilot, Minister of State for Communications and Information and Technology.

Mobile Number Portability Is (Wait For It) Delayed Again
The truck's not stopping here yet

The plan is still as planned though. MNP will be implemented in Haryana first and the rest of the country is divided into 22 zones which are clustered into 11 service areas. MNP will roll out over these as well over the course of a few months.

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