Mobile Grudge Match: Galaxy S vs. Nokia N8, The Battles Continue

The battles wage on, this time your choices are the Galaxy S versus the Nokia N8. Who will win? It's up to you...

In the last Mobile Grudge Match I pitted the Galaxy S against the Dell Streak and although the arguments you readers posted were quite valid, the Galaxy was ahead, but not by a very large margin. This time I thought we’d go with the newly launched Nokia N8 that’s doing quite well across the globe thanks to its high resolution camera and new OS. This time the devices are a little more evenly matched, considering both are mobile phones and neither fall under the Tablet category.

Mobile Grudge Match: Galaxy S vs. Nokia N8, The Battles Continue
It's on now!

While the Nokia may have the Samsung beat simply because of the camera, is that really enough to beat the versatility of the Galaxy S? Not on its own. The N8 has to prove it can compete on all fronts with the Galaxy S, from a generic features stand point as well as over all functionality. That’s where you readers and users come in. Just like the last time, it’s up to you guys to decide which of these two smartphones is better than the other.

To help make the decision a little easier for those who haven’t used or don’t use either device, here are their specs. If you had a choice and the money, what would you opt for?

The Specs - Click for larger view

Apps have not been taken to account unless they’re preloaded as both handsets have access to individual app markets which make it easy for users to download all kinds of extras.

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Let the voting begin!