Mobile Grudge Match - Galaxy 3 vs LG Optimus One

Here are a couple of mid-range competitors in the smartphone segment.

There are plenty of handsets out there so choosing is not the easiest thing to do today. We’re spoilt for choice and things are heating up as newer models are making debuts on a monthly, if not weekly basis. In the last couple of Mobile Grudge Matches Samsung managed to make its way to the top in the high end smartphone segment. I’ve had queries about whether or not the company’s got what it takes to stand up to the contenders in the mid-range segment as well, so in this segment I’ve pitted the Samsung Galaxy 3 against LG’s Optimus One that’s been making waves.

Mobile Grudge Match - Galaxy 3 vs LG Optimus One
Smartphones make smart rivals making choices harder for us

Both handsets come fully loaded with features and while similar in many aspects, a few functions here and there differ to the extent that it could make or break a buying decision.

The LG Optimus One is sleek looking device that’s Froyo-loaded out of the box and will soon get its justified upgrade to the next level i.e. Gingerbread. It’s got almost as many goodies as its opponent who will also receive an update but to Froyo, one level behind the Optimus. Still, the processing power of the Galaxy is a tad higher than the Optimus so where it lacks in looks, it makes up for in power. Both are equipped with 3.1 megapixel cameras that feature unique and easy to use UIs with plenty of relevant settings. When it come to picture quality, they're also in the same league. So the choice gets even harder. Both are also equipped to play DivX and XviD coded files and come with built-in GPS. It’s Sophie’s choice.

I’d like to invite users of either devices to come in and share your views as to why the device you’ve chosen was worth buying, or if after using it a sense of buyer's remorse has set in. Either way, you can vote.

I’ve also listed out the specs (below) for both handsets so you can make a more calculated decision.

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You can send in your votes via our comments section below, via our Facebook page or even email them in to Do let us know your reasons for your vote so those looking to buy either device will have more information to make their decisions.

So ladies and geeks, start your keyboards and let’s see your votes!