Microsoft's a new 'mobile-like device' spotted in company campus

If rumours are to be believed then Windows might be looking to revamp their mobile phones. Making a comeback in the iOS and Android running smartphone race is its new Windows 10 phone.

According to Sam Brads from, a new 'mobile-like device is floating' around the Microsoft campus. Calling it the new prototype device, this device runs on ARM 64 bit and could be a Snapdragon 835. Moreover, the new 'mobile-like device'is working on a compostable shell UI (CShell),  however, he did mention, that as per his sources the new shell is 'buggy' and needs some working on it. There is information that it is not being made in the Surface division, which clearly means it is not one of the surface phones but oscillates somewhere between a tablet and a phone.

Also, as per his latest findings, Alex Kipman who is currently looking on the Hololens, Windows Mixed Reality division, is also looking after the new 'mobile-like device'. He also noted that since they are investing on an ARM and a new UI it could be an expensive device.

Despite various rumours, the details are not too clear. Windows seems to be betting big on their new phone which could be a game changer for them in the smartphone race.





Updated Date: Jul 10, 2017 15:19 PM