Microsoft updates Edge, adds support for browser extensions and pinned tabs

Microsoft’s Edge browser finally enters the modern age. In a recent blog post, Microsoft announced that their Edge browser is finally getting some truly modern features including support for browser extensions, pinned tabs and a “paste and go” option.

Not to be confused with Internet Explorer (IE), Microsoft Edge is Windows 10’s recommended browser and a major upgrade over IE. As it stands, Internet Explorer is only present so as to “support certain legacy applications” and if you’re still using IE, you’re doing it wrong.

Browser extensions for Edge have been promised almost since the browser’s inception and it’s nice to finally see that feature brought to light. As of this writing, the extensions feature is only available to those who’ve subscribed to the Microsoft’s Insider Previews. So far, the extensions are limited to Microsoft Translate, Mouse Gestures and a Reddit Enhancement Suite. The latter is apparently a suite of modules meant to “enhance your Reddit browsing experience.”

Also mentioned on the post are support for pinned tabs and a “paste and go” option. These are all features that you can find on any modern browser and while better late than never, it’s a wonder that Microsoft took so long to implement them. Extensions from LastPass, AdBlock (Finally!), Evernote and more are expected “later this year.”

Updated Date: Mar 18, 2016 12:47 PM