Microsoft to Patch 22 Vulnerabilities in IE, Windows

It seems that Microsoft has taken the ‘dumb’ comments a tad too seriously.

It seems that Microsoft has taken the ‘dumb’ comments, a tad too seriously. A little under a week after that 'infamous' report, Microsoft has announced that it plans to ship 13 security updates, next week with a patch that will fix 22 vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, Windows, Visio and Visual Studio.


According to Microsoft, two of the updates for IE and Windows are ‘critical’, nine are rated as ‘important’ and the other two are ‘moderate’. As far as the critical updates are concerned, PCs running without the patch are vulnerable to propagation of an Internet worm with remote code execution in Windows and Internet Explorer and require system restarts.

Microsoft to Patch 22 Vulnerabilities in IE, Windows

Microsoft comes up with 22 new patches for IE, Windows



All the IE versions currently available ‘make the cut’ for the update patches, as Microsoft acknowledges that the bugs could provide easy access to hackers. However, Microsoft’s information does not adequately point out the problems currently faced by the applications, so it would be beneficial for users to adopt a cautious approach.


As part of their bulletin information, Microsoft has not included their Windows XP OS in five of these updates. Which brings us to the next question, do you think Microsoft is planning to pull the plug on their decade old OS? You’re welcome to find your own conspiracy theories.

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