Microsoft smartwatch to work with Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices

Following the report claiming Microsoft will launch its smartwatch in October, here's yet another rumour that sings to a similar tune. Now, some sources have revealed to Winsupersite that Microsoft will release a Samsung Gear Fit-like fitness band that will display smart phone-based notifications in fall. So, it could be a wrist band rather than a watch, just like some rumoured and existing fitness-focused bands.


While this may suggest that the upcoming Microsoft band will be just like most of the wearables in the market, it does come with a distinguishing factor. An earlier news report claimed that the Microsoft watch will support Android, making it cross platform. The new report suggests that it will not only work with Android, but also with iOS. This means, the device will work with Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.


Google recently announced its first batch of Android Wear devices, which are limited to devices running Android 4.3 and above. Apple is rumoured to launch the iWatch in October and will obviously work only with iOS. With the cross-platform approach, Microsoft has broadened its reach and taken off the limit on the reach of its wearables.


Earlier we've heard about the company being in talks with suppliers about design and its plans to rope in an always-on heart rate sensor and support for Android. Microsoft was terribly late in updating its smartphone OS, after Apple’s and Android’s initial success and it possibly plans to not make the same mistake when it comes to wearables.

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