Microsoft rolls out new update for its Outlook app on Android

Microsoft has also introduced various bug fixes in the Outlook app and made the performance faster.

Microsoft has rolled out a new update for its Outlook app on Android. There have not been major changes in this new update, however, Microsoft has added a couple of new features.

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Microsoft Outlook

More recently, a feature was introduced by Microsoft, which allowed users to add and edit contacts for and now with this new update you can also create, edit, add or remove a group and its members. But to access this feature it is necessary for the user to have a Microsoft 365 account. Accessing the new feature is as simple as clicking on the hamburger menu and clicking on the group option.

Microsoft has also introduced various bug fixes in the Outlook app and made the overall app performance faster. The updated version of Google Outlook can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, here.  As of now, there's no word as from Microsoft as to when these new features will be hitting iOS devices.

Earlier this month Microsoft rolled out Office 365 in 96 new global markets, bringing the software to over 246 markets worldwide in 44 languages, while also making the integration of LinkedIn with Outlook available to consumers.

According to a blog post by Kirk Koenigsbauer, Corporate Vice President, Office team, people even in Antarctica and the Republic of Congo were able to enjoy the benefits of Office 365's new apps and features to help organisations of all sizes accelerate digital transformation. "We continued to improve the intelligent services in Office 365 with a new set of cloud-powered features designed to save you time and produce better results," Koenigsbauer said late on 30 October.

The company revamped the translation tools available within 'Word' giving users the power to translate sections of text, or the entire document, and review or save the result as a regular document file.

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