Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 10 Preview Build

And it's only been a few weeks since Internet Explorer 9 was launched.

It looks it’s that time of the year again. Browsers from Mozilla, Opera, Google and Microsoft are being released in succession. Microsoft launched their Internet Explorer 9 version of their browser a few weeks back and they’ve just released the early preview build of the upcoming Internet Explorer 10. The browser was unveiled at the MIX11 conference. 


Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 10 Preview Build

Focus on HTML5 and hardware acceleration expected



Some of the key features of the upcoming browser will be even better support for HTML and hardware acceleration. Those who want to try out the new preview can download it for free from here. The same site also had demos to try out the hardware acceleration and HTML5 demos . At the event, Microsoft also demonstrated several sites and apps from major web services online. Microsoft holds the MIX conference every year for web developers and designers. They also announced sponsoring of open source projects at the conference. One such project is the open source Orchard CMS that’s powered by the ASP .NET framework.

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