Microsoft Outlook integrates Evernote, Facebook and Wunderlist in its iPhone and Android apps

Microsoft Outlook just announced Calendar Apps, the service connects to third party apps so that your tasks, events and notes are all in one convenient place. The mobile app for Outlook can import data from Facebook, Evernote and Wunderlist as of now, more apps will be added later.

Those who have used Sunrise on their phones will be familiar with these features. Microsoft acquired Sunrise, and is in the process of incorporating the most popular features from Sunrise into Outlook. Adding these features to Outlook is an effort to make it the most useful all round productivity app.

The calendar app allows the imported to-do list from Wunderlist to be colour coded for priority, and imports the notes for each entry as well. From Facebook, Outlook imports events and birthdays of friends. The event details can be seen from within the Outlook App. Evernote integration involves reminders on notes. All of this is laid out in the popular Sunrise 3 day view format or 2 week mini calendar, apart from the usual day, week and month views.

Previously, Outlook had added Sunrise features to interface with Gmail, iCloud, and Office 365. Future planned integrations include Skype and OneNote.


Updated Date: Apr 08, 2016 12:10 PM