Microsoft Garage launches new 'Face Swap' app powered by facial recognition and Bing search

This app gives a plethora of trending options like hairstyles, fashion, funny situations. Moreover within a single frame multiple faces can be put.

Microsoft's Garage team has released a new 'Face Swap' that supposedly makes it easier to do a face swap with friends using facial recognition technology and the power of Bing search. The app which allows users to easily swap your face on your friend's photo was rolled out for Android smartphones in select markets.

Whats's different about Microsoft's Face Swap app is that it lets you take a selfie, choose a scene from the camera roll or the web and then conveniently swap faces. These pictures can either be trending scenes available on the app or an image taken from their Bing powered image search. What's cooler is that it will automatically find faces in images and then place your swap.


The powerful face swap engine will automatically match skin tones, match the lighting conditions in your images and even match head turn and tilts.

The Microsoft Garage team plans on updating their categories frequently. And since the app uses web search technology, it will allow you try on even the latest fashions or even add your mug into the most happening and trending scenes (photographs) on the web.

The app for now is only available on the Google Play Store and in a limited number of countries. Microsoft has plans to bring to iOS devices as well, via the App Store.

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