Marvel unites with Oculus to bring superheroes to VR

The superhero VR game is slated to be released on 2018.

Oculus studios and Sanzaru Games Inc have come together to give VR gamers a chance to don their virtual superhero capes and save the world.

Announced at Disney's D23, Marvel Power United VR, is an Oculus exclusive game and a multiplayer feature, which is with three other players. This can give the real squad experience. From Hulk, to Captain Marvel, to Rocket Raccoon, (as of now only these three are present) players have an option amongst 12 superheroes to get set for a battle. Moreover, keeping an Oculus Rift and Touch controller would be a sane option, obviously!

This is not the first time Marvel and Oculus are coming, previously they had come up with Guardians of the Galaxy. The superhero VR game is slated to be released on 2018. It is not the first time that Sanzaru Games Inc. has tied up with Oculus. VR Sports Challenge and Ripcoil are their previous ventures. As per their blogpost, San Diego Comic Con's attendees can get first hand experience at the Marvel booth.

Earlier this month, Facebook had discounted the price of Oculus rift, whose sale went abysmally low. It also interesting that Oculus's discounted price and Marvel Power United VR have come about more or less at the same time. It seems to be an attempt by Facebook to make sure that their sales increase. Currently, it is available at a discounted price for 399 USD, though only for a limited time period.


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