Man with a flaming wallet at a FIFA match is driving the internet bonkers

This man’s wallet is lit!

At the FIFA World Cup 2018, a man shot to fame with his little stunt of lighting a cigarette with his wallet!

Oh yes you read that right! A fan at the World Cup lit his cigarette with a FLAMING WALLET.

In a video that has now gone viral, we see a man with a cigarette in his mouth, and a knowing look at the camera. He takes out his wallet, which bursts into flames, the kinds that magicians have. The man, however, unflinchingly lights his cigarette and closes the wallet shut. Little did he know, that his little stunt will become the talk of the internet.

The man was first noticed by a Fox Sports commentator, who briefly shifted everybody’s focus to him, when he exclaimed, "Oh good lord, son!" He continued, “That is so unhealthy for you on multiple levels.” Well, that’s true, of course. What’s also true is that the man’s flaming wallet video spread on the internet like fire. (pun intended) Social media mostly just wants a similar wallet of their own.

BTW, just in case you are wondering, there are a lot of online retailing websites selling similar lighters. Thank me later. But let me also please warn you, in case you hold it against me, THIS CAN BE FATAL!

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