LucasArts Planning New Darth Vader Game?

The movies may be done with, but the Force is still strong with Star Wars as a videogame franchise. LucasArts has been in the news for developing the sequel to Lego Star Wars, but little do they mention about the other Star Wars game that they may have in development.

In a New York Times interview with the head of Lucas Arts, Jim Ward, the New York Times hints that the company may have one more Star Wars title up their sleeve. The article states, "when Mr. Ward, Mr. Hirschmann, and Haden Blackman, the project leader of a forthcoming Star Wars game, reviewed all of the company's recent projects. Mr. Blackman outlined a new storyline that delved deeper into Darth Vader's history."

Though nothing is officially confirmed yet, it seems there may be a game in development that focuses on Darth Vader's story, particularly the part between Episode III and Episode IV.

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Updated Date: Apr 19, 2006 14:00 PM