Logitech's New iPad 2 Case is of a Military-Grade Variety

Logitech has designed a new iPad 2 case that's hardcore enough for military standards.

While Apple products will sell well enough without the need for external add-on’s, one does tend to feel the need to accessorise. That is where big players in the peripheral game like Logitech come in with products like this, their newly announced Logitech Keyboard Case for the iPad 2 that’s been built in collaboration with a company called ZAGG.

Logitech's New iPad 2 Case is of a Military-Grade Variety

Bluetooth enabled


This latest edition to the iPad2’s eco-system is a carry case that has a Bluetooth enabled full QWERTY keyboard built-in. The Logitech Keyboard Case is made of precision-cut aircraft-grade aluminium and features military-grade, high-density padding. The protective case wraps around the iPad 2 to cover the screen and sides. It’s designed with a flexible, folding hinge, which should make it easy to place the device in either portrait or landscape. It’s paired up via your tablet via Bluetooth and its internal battery pack can be charged via USB.

Military Grade case... really!

Military Grade case... really?!


True, the iPad 2 hasn’t been officially launched in India just yet, but you’d be surprised at just how many people have managed to wrangle a piece through various means. If you happen to have an iPad 2 and are looking for a hardcore case/accessory the Logitech Keyboard Case is expected to be available in the U.S. in April. Its suggested retail price is about $99.99 which works out to about Rs. 4,400 (give or take). Unfortunately it does not seem to be designed for the first gen iPad.

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