Logitech X100, Creative Woof 3, JBL Clip+ and more: 7 Bluetooth speakers to consider under Rs 10,000

We look at the seven best Bluetooth speakers you should invest in.

Headphones and earphones are perfect for private listening, but when it comes to playing music for your friends, family or just simple background music while you work, there’s nothing like a small un-intrusive speaker to listen to those tunes. Here are the best budget Bluetooth speakers with varied features to suit your needs.

Huawei Bluetooth Mini Wireless

Logitech X100, Creative Woof 3, JBL Clip+ and more: 7 Bluetooth speakers to consider under Rs 10,000
Price: Rs 1,100

Huawei, a company known for its phones has come out with a pretty decent speaker which not only sounds loud and clear but also has a little light show for those who like glaring light bling. These re-branded ball-shaped speakers are easy to carry and come with a battery that lasts a few hours. Don’t expect much in the bass and reportedly it doesn’t have a very good Bluetooth range but for this price, you cannot expect much.

What’s Hot
Small and light, unique ball-shaped and light feature

What’s Not
Okay sound, the lights can get quite distracting after a while

Logitech X100


Price: Rs 1600

If you are looking for good clear sound in a smartly designed package, Logitech X100 is the answer. The hockey-puck-sized speaker has clear sound in this price bracket, keep the volume two notches below full volume as it will distort otherwise. The design is attractive and it comes with aux capability for non-Bluetooth devices. The design is uniquely made of hard-rubberised finish to take on more than a few bumps quietly and it comes with a loop to hang it anywhere during workouts.

What’s Hot
Attractive colours, clear sound, unique rubberised finish

What’s Not
Distorts at high volumes

Portronics Glitz II


Price: Rs 2,500

If you liked the JBL Pulse design without spending three times as much for it, the Portronics Glitz II will certainly appeal to you. More than a speaker, Glitz II is an integrated sound and light system. Unlike most LED lights in Bluetooth speakers, the Glitz II isn’t cheesy, looks interesting when all lit up and sounds pretty decent too. Sure the music doesn’t sound as crystal clear as some of the better ones, but it does fill the room with sound and light show from a little box in the corner. It comes with 5 LED light colours selection, NFC support, microUSB and aux-in cable in the package.

What’s Hot
Light bling, NFC, loud

What’s Not
Average sound, knock-off design, lights cannot be turned off

Creative Woof 3


Price: Rs 2,500

Creative Woof 3 is a small speaker with big sound. We reviewed it a while back and came back impressed. The speaker is smartly designed to give good clear highs and mids, however where it lacks is deep bass. It’s extremely light, comes with its own music player, microSD card support, and can read several music formats such as MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC and APE. The little wonder can also be hooked up to the PC or Mac via USB for playing sound directly through it. Here's our full review of the Creative Woof 3.

What’s Hot
Good sound, small and light in weight, various colour options, music player, microSD card support, several formats, USB host audio support

What’s Not
Lacks deep bass

JBL Clip+

Price: Rs 3,500

If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker that you can use in the shower with you, give JBL Clip+ a spin. While not waterproof, this tiny hockey-puck-size speaker certainly can withstand splashes of water. The mono speaker can spurt out some bass but not deep and yes it does play at a high volume, but distorts. It’s a good companion to have when travelling as it can be fastened onto bags or tents easily and can be cleaned under running water. Other than Bluetooth connectivity, you also get smartly integrated aux cable.

What’s Hot
Splash-proof and washable design, clip-on portability, compact design, colour options

What’s Not
Average sound

Altec Mini Lifejacket 2

Price: Rs 5,499

If you are looking a speaker that is the Arnold Schwarzenegger of all Bluetooth speakers, look no more beyond the Altec Mini Lifejacket 2. This speaker is tough, it can withstand being run over by a car, shot by a sniper rifle, and even blown up with thermite; don’t believe us? Just check out this video on YouTube. Sound wise the speakers are real loud, crazy loud, perfect for outside parties in rain and sand but when it comes to subtle notes these aren’t impressive at all. Go for it if all you care for is the toughest, dust proof, water resistant speaker you ever wanted. In fact, it is so heavy, that if a mugger comes to mug you, you can just throw the damn speaker at him to flatten him.

What’s Hot
Will withstand an apocalypse, tough as hell, very sturdy but no finesse in looks nor sound, NFC, stereo speakers, aux cable

What’s Not
Average sound, the looks will not appeal to all

Soundbot SB520


Price: Rs 6,099

SoundBot SB520 is a speaker you’ve never really heard about. Almost dismissing it for another knock off, the SB520 actually packs in really good sound in a small package. Constructed from a solid triangular metal tube, the speaker is heavier than most, has strong albeit “boomy” bass at times and the music is fairly clean and distortion-free even at loud volumes. The “surround mode” creates an effect of listening to the speaker from the sides rather than directly in the front.

What’s Hot
Good sound, premium feel and look

What’s Not
It’s heavy

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