Logitech Launches 2.1 Desktop Speakers

The Z-4 2.1 desktop speakers incorporate Logitech's patented pressure driver subwoofer technology.

Logitech has just launched another set of 2.1 desktop speakers – the Logitech Z-4s.

Each satellite features a new satellite design with three drivers. The speakers also include Logitech's patented pressure driver subwoofer technology, which helps deliver distortion-free bass. The speakers also have a wired remote control that includes a headphone jack, auxiliary input, volume, subwoofer, and power controls. The remote also has an input for MP3 players, CD players or any other portable audio devices.

Logitech Launches 2.1 Desktop Speakers

Moninder Jain, Director-India and South East Asia, Logitech says, "The stylish looking Z-4 Speakers are the hottest little things to have on your desktop. They deliver truly impressive sound - smooth, room vibrating, bass, crisp high and a midrange nearly perfect for computer games. With a little equalizer tuning, these speakers deliver exceptional music performance and are a true pleasure to listen to soft music like rock and jazz."

The Z-4 speakers have a total peak power of 80 watts and total RMS power of 40 watts .The satellites have a 2-inch dome driver and 2-inch pressure driver. The subwoofer has an 8-inch pressure driver. The noise-to-ratio is more than 92 dB.

Logitech’s Z-4 Speakers are available for Rs. 7,595.