Live: Sony unveils new 4K handycam, TV and Walkman at CES 2015

Sony's press conference at the Consumer Electronics Shows (CES 2015) in Las Vegas is about to kick off in a couple of minutes and we'll be doing a live blog on the same.

So Sony's event is now over. Key announcements from the event: New Sony Walkman, the 4K Ultra HD and super-thin TV, and the new 4K handycams.

7.23 am: Sony shows off Smartwatch 3. Sony has also introduced more life bands for the wearable devices.

7.21 am Sony Xperia Z3, Xperia Z3v will get Android Lollipop update next month.

7.20 am Sony introduces their walkman for 2015: the new Walkman ZX2. Sony has also enhances sound over wireless transfer using their new LDAC technology, which according to the company allows for three times more data than traditional Bluetooth.

New audio products also equipped with Google Cast, which lets you use leading services like Play Music, Pandora, Deezer and others.

7.08 am: Sony now shows off their new 4K Handycam with balanced optical steadyshot. It's 30% smaller, 20% lighter, 50% less cost at $1000, says Fasulo. Essentially you can record videos even those in motion and expect a steady video.

7.05 am: Sony's got Netflix's Greg Peters on stage to talk about the collaboration that the two companies have forged together. Peters is now talking about how HDR content will be the next step and that two companies will work together to deliver HDR content to Sony TV sets.

7.00 am: Sony introduces the X900C series 4K TV. "You have to see it to believe it," says Fasulo. It is only .2-inches thick and is the world's thinnest TV and even thinner than the Xperia smartphone.

6.55 am: Sony COO Mike Fasulo is now on stage to talk about some new electronics. And we start with the 4K Ultra HD television. According to Fasulo, Sony has seen great response from the consumers where 4K adoption is concerned, although he doesn't give any numbers.

Live: Sony unveils new 4K handycam, TV and Walkman at CES 2015

Sony's new television set.

6.52 am: Hirai now talking some numbers about how Sony films like Amazing Spiderman 2 (apparently grossed more than $700 million worldwide) have done.

6.51 am: Some PS4 numbers. "With blockbuster titles and great network services, PS4 sold more than 4.1 million units during this holiday season. Total sell-through has reached more than 18.5 million units. PS continues to grow with subscription service reaching 10.9 million subs. With third-party devs + pubs including indies, we will provide best entertainment available while delivering Sony's signature 'wow' to customers."

6.50 am: Sony is showcasing the Symphonic Light Speaker. It can be enjoyed from any angle. Crystal clear sound that surrounds you. Enabled by Sony vertical drive tech. With this tech the organic clear glass the envelops the lamp can reproduce even higher-frequency sounds without any exposed speaker units.

Sony CEO at CES 2015. Screenshot

Sony CEO at CES 2015. Screenshot

6.50 am: Hirai now talks about the CMOS image sensor from Sony and the alpha 7s camera from Sony. Hirai announces that they are also looking at introducing Image sensors for automobiles to ensure that Assisted driving becomes easier.

6.40 am: Now get ready to see some Sony products that have been launched over the last couple of months. Hirai starts with the PlayStation View which brings LiveTv, television content, movies, channels, and allows users to watch TV at whatever time is convenient to the user.

It is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 viewers in the US.

6.30 am: Sony CEO Kaz Hirai is on stage. He's talking about The Interview and says that Sony employees were the victims of the most malicious cyber attack in this day. Hirai praises Sony employees who worked tirelessly to ensure that the movie got released.

Sony's press conference at the Consumer Electronics Shows (CES 2015) in Las Vegas is about to kick off in a couple of minutes and we'll be live blogging the event.

The big device expected from the company is an Android Lollipop one, though we don't know in what form since Sony only released a teaser video of the same.

There was also a report on The Verge which said that Sony would be launching a new walkman at the show. Sony had put up posters of this 'Walkman' outside the Convention hall and according to the report "the new device looks like classic Sony design, featuring a curved, matte black shell highlighted by a gold-tone headphone jack and unusual placement of the transport controls — play / pause and track advance all appear to be placed along the edge."

You can follow a live stream of the conference here.


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