LG Watch W7 is a $449 smartwatch with mechanical hands but touchscreen display

The LG Watch W7 smartwatch will be going up on sale in the US starting 14 October.

Along with the launch of LG V40 ThinQ on Wednesday, the company also announced a hybrid watch, which is a mix of mechanical and hi-tech design. Called the Watch W7, the smartwatch at the first looks like a regular watch with mechanical hands, however, on top of it, the watch features a 1.2-inch LCD touchscreen display.

LG Watch W7 is a 9 smartwatch with mechanical hands but touchscreen display

The LG Watch W7.

Besides that, LG really touts this watch for its battery life. The company claims that the Watch W7 will be able to run on its complete smartwatch mode for about two days off a single charge. However, if you use the watch without the smartwatch mode, apparently the watch can get you by a 100 days on a single charge.

Further, the Watch W7 sports a stainless steel body. It is powered by Qualcomm Wear 2100 series chipsets with 768MB of RAM.

As reported by The Verge, LG worked with a company called Soprod to design the Watch W7’s mechanical functions and movements, along with the touch display on top. “In addition to keeping accurate time, the mechanical hands also display additional information such as altimeter, barometer, stopwatch, timer and compass directions,” LG said.

As for the pricing and availability, the LG Watch W7 goes on sale on starting 14 October in the US, and it will costs you $449. The Watch’s official price and availability in India is still unknown. We have reached out to LG India to find out more about it, and we will update this space as soon as we hear from them.